Collecting Memories

A piece of me broke off,
It shattered right before me,
As much as it beat I couldn’t compare it to an organ in particular,
Though it contained itself within my rib-cage for as long as it’s time,

His hands reached out to me,
They clattered for every movement,
Seconds became minutes and minutes became hours,
Time collected several memories of ours,

Speaking a different tongue,
Whispering deflated his lungs,
Sounds of complications between intervals,
My brother had no relation,


Order is only for one who remembers.
J’ai oublié.  Non, par contre,
Ich habe vergessen,
Ho dimenticato!

Vito’s Garden.

I’ve got too many snakes in my lawn,
Where have all my close friends gone?
I don’t know where I belong,
Too many snakes in my lawn,

I’ve found too many bugs by my feet,
No secrets hide while I’ve fallen asleep,
Don’t have any  food to eat, 
Too many bugs at my feet,

So many flies in my hair,
Treating me like I never cared,
Following me everywhere,
Too many flies in my hair,

At the end of all this what’s left to stay?
A green Mantis that never prays,
A little boy that never plays,
That’s what’s left to stay,

(Source: simplestanza)

The Light

The blinding sensation, 
The First Creation,
A memorable collection,
The sweet preparation,

It’s all as everyone knew,
As soon as you came out the brightness grew,
And as all of curtains flew,
We all treated the moment as if it were new,

Ever wondered what happens when you’re asleep?
The light’s still there, 
It’s just sunken deep,
As you cover your shivers in a woollen fleece,
The Night is young,
When dawn is released.

From dust you came and from dust you’ll return,
The events appear together from what you’ve learnt,

(Source: simplestanza)


As children we are all born equal,
Like a movie without a sequel,
Expectation is only legal,

So what changes us, 
Can we blame it on specific people or objects in our lives?
Or is it just the way it was meant to be?

Would it all be any different without technology?
Love? Passion? Democracy?
The bad seed, the drugs, the “weed”,
All elements of “normal” life,
Or has normality changed over time too? 

Where love isn’t eternal and problems constantly stick like glue,
With medical abnormalities - the incurable swine flu,
We’ve come to a point where we have to ask what this world is trying to prove,
Because without the truth no one will be able to move,

As you get older so does the world and time is moving faster every day single day of our lives,
Soon there’ll be a time when you reflect back on the things you’ve done and feel regret,

But at this rate, all definitions are changing and words are being thrown around like lies in a courtroom,
What have we come to, or just look at yourself and ask yourself “What happened to me?”
Can we blame it on our fellow humans? Did they shape you into what you are today? Good or bad?

That’s what life is like for me every day of my life… Me and my road to suicide.
(L)ove (I)n (F)ull (E)xplanation


It’s clear that the serviettes are stained,
The collar lies neatly out of place,
The broken ice as it hails with the rain,
The blotted ink reassures the unknown grace,

Mud races across checkered boards,
Dust in the shape of the Mona Lisa,
A scene so lovely in improvised organisation,
Rapidly, Shakily, journeys cross paths,

Stumbles, mispronounced letters, Masterpieces burnt to perfection,  
Definitions misinterpreted, 
Safety precautions taken over limits,

We broke our vows with the world,
Inventions are replacing original creations,
Fears undermined over time,
I shan’t be surprised,

Disguised imperfections remain without projection,
Secrets are withheld for our protection,
We’ve mishandled the truth,
Due to the errors from past life,

Can’t you see it?
Do you still not believe it?
It blinks, once, not twice,
Mouse, not mice,
Slowly, stationary, a plan in progress,

(Source: simplestanza)

Lettuce Reflectors


I would love to disappear 
Into an image of myself.
I would love have
Created creativity

Myself and my
Self’s shares of selfless
With all
The minds minded
Into mincemeat
Produce pieces




Produce, wrapped
Pieces, heads of

What is the difference between Romain and Boston?

A bit of texture, 
A bit of taste, a bit of 
Tenderness -bitterness-
A bit of crunch

-a bit of
Hating the statement:
“who cares”
But using it;

Abusing it. 

The True Secret Behind “Love”

Relationships are one hell of a funny deal… Have you noticed that you start calling your partners by the names of different foods?

"Sugar", "Honey","Pumpkin"

Then at some point you’ll call them by the parts of the definition:


 *ring any bells?* Oh wow, eventually you’ll realize that it sounds like you’re trying to frighten your partner:


And the more childish it gets you’ll notice that you called them a


… Aaah, what a world we live in. :)

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Dear Paolo,

Sometimes I thought it wasn’t about where you went, 
But instead what you left behind,
Clear images of all the thoughts you sent,
The secrets you left the world to unwind,

The grain of salt you never added to the pasta,
You stood tall from the leaning tower of Pisa,
I try to think of happily ever afters, 
But the thoughts are still cutting me deeper,

"He was a good man, sad to watch him leave.",
As I look at it now I still can’t believe,

Tell me Paolo… Where’d you go?,
Were the last few minutes of your life painless and slow?
I really thought we’d make great friends in future shows, 
But I guess now I’ll never know,

To feel Love for someone I’ve never met,
Gives me a mutual relationship with no regrets, 
For that reason I’ll never forget,
And soon I’ll just have to accept,

Tell me Paolo… In your new home does it snow?
Do flowers grow? 
Do you live alone?
Do rivers flow for skipping stones?

Well maybe some day you’ll tell me,
Someday… He’ll Tell Me.

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Inexperienced Flashbacks

I dream of a world with no corruption,
One with no destruction, 
One where I see myself in the future and don’t have to be surrounded by robots,
But instead view the nature that’s passed between several clocks,

Birds singing… Sun shining,
Ever imagined joyful whining?
Babies aren’t always crying,
Maybe happiness won’t stop multiplying,
I can see myself… Flying.

For a few moments of my life,
I’ll say the world was quite nice,
As if thinking from an older life,
I’m willing to pay the price,
The cheerful price.

What’s your vision?
Your mission,
Change the world?
Restore our children?

At last, I’m happy….
But happiness doesn’t last forever when you’re thinking of the past life. The one I never lived.

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Crack on A Glass Pavement

Hearts were actually meant to be broken,
No matter what you do,
Who you fool,
Those words of foul intent were meant to be spoken,

I’m ruined. Bruised. Scattered. Accused,
The size of my lies won’t even fit my shoes,
In reality the good intentors will lose,
And the story will just move, 

A glitch in the system,
A broken chord with the rhythm,
No one even knows your name,
They might all just think you’re hopelessly insane,

Short-circuited in the brain,
All this knowledge that you’ll gain,
Leaving you on the wrong lane,
And still… No one knows your name,

Who has time to complain?
It’s your honour to regain,
A sheet of clean linen - Stained,
I looked out the window… Then it rained.

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Esprit De Corps

A civilisation of the disturbed,
All from things ignored or misheard,
Cures will only derive from rebirth,
Then you’ll know what it’s worth,

For once I can say I found love,
Me and my brothers shall return above,
A clan, a brotherhood, we’re all misunderstood,
Maybe time together would do us good,

The laughter, the tears, the irreversible disasters,
It wasn’t all set up to be happily ever after,
But now we’re happy forever, and after,
Esprit De Corps will never be angered,